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Kunzea (Australia) essential oil (Kunzea ambigua) | Tanah Essential Oil Company
Kunzea (Australia) essential oil (Kunzea ambigua)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kunzea (Australia) essential oil (Kunzea ambigua) | Where to buy? Tanah Essential Oil Company | Retail |  Wholesale | Australia
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kunzea (Australia) essential oil (Kunzea ambigua) | Tanah Essential Oil Company
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kunzea (Australia) essential oil (Kunzea ambigua)

Kunzea (Australia) essential oil (Kunzea ambigua)

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BOTANICAL NAME: Kunzea ambigua

PLANT PART USED: Flowers/Aerial parts

EXTRACTION METHOD: Steam distilled


COLOUR: Clear to pale yellow

AROMATIC SCENT: Strong medicinal aroma

Discover the captivating essence of Kunzea ambigua, an iconic Australian botanical variety, through our exquisite Kunzea essential oil.


Sourced from the pristine landscapes of Australia, this essential oil is renowned for its unique aromatic profile and an array of therapeutic properties that have been cherished for generations. With a history deeply rooted in indigenous cultures and a rich botanical heritage, Kunzea essential oil is a natural treasure that offers many benefits.

History and Plant:

Kunzea ambigua, commonly known as Kunzea, is a native shrub found across the rugged terrains of Australia. For centuries, indigenous communities have harnessed the power of Kunzea for its healing properties. The plant features slender leaves and delicate white or pink flowers, creating a picturesque spectacle amidst its native habitat.

Aromatic Scent:

Kunzea essential oil boasts a distinctive and refreshing scent that captures the essence of the Australian wilderness. Its aroma is characterised by fresh, woody notes, accompanied by a subtle hint of floral sweetness. The scent evokes a sense of tranquillity and rejuvenation, reminiscent of a stroll through the untouched beauty of the Australian bush.

Key Constituents:

The unique composition of Kunzea essential oil includes key constituents such as alpha-pinene, viridiflorol, 1,8 cineole, and globulol. These constituents contribute to the oil's remarkable therapeutic effects and aromatic allure.

Uses and Beneficial Properties:

Kunzea essential oil boasts an array of uses and beneficial properties. Its soothing and clarifying characteristics make it a popular choice for aromatherapy, promoting relaxation and emotional balance. Its potential for supporting skin health and easing muscular discomfort further enhances its appeal.

Therapeutic Properties:

The main therapeutic properties of Kunzea essential oil encompass analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and expectorant effects. These properties underpin its ability to alleviate discomfort, promote respiratory wellness, and support the body's natural healing processes.

Topical Use:

When used topically, Kunzea essential oil can be diluted with carrier oil and gently massaged onto the skin. This application method is particularly effective for targeting localised discomfort areas or enhancing skin vitality.

Diffusion Use:

Diffusing Kunzea essential oil into the air creates a serene and uplifting atmosphere. Add a few drops to your diffuser to enjoy the refreshing aroma and experience its mood-enhancing effects.


While Kunzea essential oil is generally safe, it's advisable to perform a patch test before topical application to ensure no adverse reactions occur. Pregnant individuals and those with specific medical conditions should consult a healthcare professional before use.


Incorporate the captivating essence of Kunzea ambigua into your wellness routine with our premium Kunzea essential oil. Rooted in history and botanical heritage, this Australian treasure offers a multitude of uses and benefits, from promoting emotional well-being to supporting physical vitality. Embrace the holistic power of Kunzea essential oil and embark on a journey of natural rejuvenation and harmony.




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Kunzea (Australia)

High quality EO

Vijaya Pandji
Great quality Oil

Love my Kunzea essential oil from Tanah.. Was well packaged and is a good quality oil. I use it for aches, pain and skin complaints 😀