Tanah's Story

Tanah," which translates to "from the earth," was established in 2008 by Mark and Cheryl Wilson in Brisbane, South East Queensland, Australia. Our deep-rooted connection to our homeland has instilled a profound sense of responsibility toward our planet Earth, the source of myriad natural wonders that grace our world. We firmly believe that true well-being thrives when our body, mind, and soul find harmonious equilibrium.

Our journey is inspired by a passion for holistic wellness, a commitment to ceaseless learning, and dedicated exploration of unconventional medical approaches, with a particular emphasis on the transformative power of aromatherapy.

Since 2008, our path has been one of intense immersion as we delved into diverse healing modalities that embrace nature's gifts for healthcare. Our quest revealed an extensive tapestry of research, historical usage, and heartfelt testimonials spanning centuries, each recounting the remarkable impact of a holistic approach to wellness. Complementary and alternative therapies, particularly aromatherapy, have been catalysts for profound improvements in people's lives. Our mission is to share our wealth of experiences and knowledge, offering comprehensive insights into the benefits of essential oils.

Our quest to uncover the Earth's hidden treasures is unceasing as we journey across the globe in pursuit of nature's most exquisite secrets. Tanah Essential Oils are sourced and distributed worldwide, allowing everyone to experience the pinnacle of life-enhancing vitality. We believe natural healthcare and well-being should be accessible to all.

The spectrum of essential oil benefits encompasses the transformative realms of aromatherapy, from invigorating energy to anxiety relief, migraine mitigation, and beyond. We are thrilled to extend these gifts to our esteemed customers. Embracing the guiding principle of being "Naturally enriched by Nature", we acknowledge that the world's marvels are self-contained and self-sufficient. Nature's miracles stand unwavering, and Tanah Essential Oils is firmly committed to delivering these pristine, 100% pure essences to individuals who deeply regard the harmony of body, mind, and soul.


Why Choose Tanah Essential Oils?

Our unwavering dedication lies in presenting comprehensive healthcare and wellness solutions, harnessing the inherent potential of pure essential oils and carrier oils. Supported by rigorous scientific research, our promise of purity is a deeply personal commitment that resonates throughout our endeavours. Our unwavering devotion to "Consistency in Quality and Authenticity as our Inspiration and Guarantee" defines us.

At Tanah, we uphold an unyielding commitment to sourcing solely from premium crops meticulously cultivated and nurtured by our trusted network of global farmers and producers. This profound transparency extends to the very roots of our oils as we examine the geographical origins and cultivation methods that shape their exceptional quality. Each droplet encapsulates the essence of a season, a yield, and a dedication to superior therapeutic benefits.

To validate the authenticity of each essential oil, we ensure all documentation is meticulously checked, and expert third-party chemists conduct GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry) testing. This analytical approach unveils the intricate chemical composition of each oil, revealing its elemental composition and respective proportions. Yet, this analysis only marks the initial stage of our purity assessment. We expertly and meticulously scrutinise each test report we receive, ensuring the oil adheres to the correct chemical profile while remaining free from undesirable substances.

We recognise that not all oils are born equal. Therefore, we exclusively procure 100% pure essential oils from a trusted global consortium of farmers and suppliers. These dedicated partners share our unwavering commitment to authenticity, ensuring our products remain untainted by undesirable additives such as parabens, pesticides, and synthetics.

Tanah's unwavering commitment revolves around delivering holistic healthcare and wellness solutions, harnessing pure essential oils' healing potential and aromatherapy's transformative art. As these oils diffuse into the atmosphere, their interaction with our sensory nerves initiates a profound journey, carrying olfactory information directly to the brain's limbic system, where memories, emotions, and pleasure reside.


How Do We Maintain Affordable Pricing?

Our pricing strategy is underpinned by years of meticulous research and hands-on experience. Tanah's oils are sourced directly from conscientious farmers and distributors who share our commitment to stringent quality control. We streamline costs without compromising quality by procuring oils in bulk and packaging them in various sizes at our bottling facility in Brisbane.

Recognising the evolving landscape of essential oil accessibility, we acknowledge the changing dynamics of organic raw material availability for distillation. Worldwide farms now dedicate themselves to cultivating select plant materials exclusively for essential and base carrier oil production. These oils, often monopolised by large corporations, were historically priced exorbitantly. Tanah, however, stands as a conduit for a minute portion of these exceptional oils. Our steadfast relationships with esteemed farmers and distillers ensure exclusive access to these outstanding resources, reaffirming our foundational principle of "Consistency in Quality and Authenticity."

Tanah's central focus centres on supplying top-tier, 100% pure essential and carrier oils to businesses and clients across Australia. Recently, we have extended our reach to the international arena, exporting Australia's native essential oils to offer an even broader spectrum of holistic health benefits to the global community. Our island continent boasts an unparalleled diversity of unique plant species, and our dedication as advocates for Australian native essential oils remains unwavering.

Through these steadfast relationships and rigorous processes, we proudly offer products at prices that resonate with our customers. At Tanah Essential Oil Company, your well-being is at the heart of all we do, and you can trust us to remain unwavering in our commitment to your health and vitality.



Mark & Cheryl Wilson

Tanah Essential Oil Company