JOJOBA OIL (Australian) 100% Pure Virgin Cold Pressed Base Carrier Oil
JOJOBA OIL (Australian) 100% Pure Virgin Cold Pressed Base Carrier Oil
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JOJOBA OIL (Australian) 100% Pure Virgin Cold Pressed Base Carrier Oil

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BOTANICAL NAME: Simmondsia Chinensis
COLOUR: Golden Yellow

Common Uses...

Tanah's Australian Golden Jojoba...

(Pronounced ho-ho-ba) is truly a gift of nature for all ages and skin types. Australian Golden Jojoba is not an oil. It is actually a pure luxurious liquid wax ester, released from the beans of the female Jojoba shrub, produced when cold pressed. This naturally silky, odourless, non-allergic liquid blends with the skins natural sebum and penetrates deep into the skin.

Tanah's Australian Golden Jojoba naturally promotes healthy skin by stabilising and maintaining the intercellular structure. It does this by helping to keep bacteria out and allowing the skin’s natural care and healing system to function, without having to combat dryness and conditions brought on by depleted skin health.

Tanah's Australian Golden Jojoba has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties, that destroy some of the most common skin bacteria and fungi, making it beneficial for the treatment of acne, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. Antioxidant properties in Jojoba prevent rancidity and gives it a very long shelf life. Therefore, when Jojoba is used as a carrier, it can prevent rancidity in added oils.

Use Tanah's Pure Golden Jojoba on the skin, hair and scalp to revitalise and soothe...


Hands and Nails...
Golden Jojoba nourishes hands and nails in one application. Massaged well into the cuticles it penetrates deep and fast to soothe, moisturise and clean, bringing new flexibility and less chance of breaks and splits.

Hair and Scalp...
Natural skin sebum can build on the scalp clogging hair follicles which can cause scalp conditions like scaling. If this is not cleared, sebum build up can retard hair follicles to the point where they release hair shafts and the follicles may eventually die. Australian Golden Jojoba penetrates fast and deep, loosening and lifting the sebum build up while dissolving the sticky residues from hair products. It leaves hair and hair follicles clean and clear to function correctly. Regular massage of the hair and scalp with Golden Jojoba is refreshing and stimulating for scalp and hair.

From about the age of twenty there is a steady reduction in liquid wax esters in skin sebum. The function is to retain moisture and keep skin smooth and elastic. As skin ages the liquid wax esters in Golden Jojoba can assist by maintaining skin moisture and elasticity. Jojoba is known as nature’s wrinkle fighter. It forms a thin non-greasy lipid layer that holds water in the skin. At the same time it penetrates the intercellular skin structure leaving skin soft and supple, and smoothing fine lines including stretch marks and scars.
Oily Skin...

Use on oily skin which will allow deep penetration and fast merging with skin sebum, tricking the skin to regulate the production of sebum.

Use Tanah's Golden Jojoba straight for all types of massage or use it as a superior base for massage and aromatherapy blends.

Tanah's Australian Golden Jojoba can be used as a key ingredient in high quality cosmetics, skin and hair products, anti-ageing treatments and is ideal for the following:

Moisturiser, conditioner, facial treatment, body wash, exfoliant scrub, shampoo, lipstick, facial cleanser, body oil, lip balm, lip treatment, sunscreen, tanning oil, mascara, lip gloss, bar soap, around eye cream, pain/wound treatment, anti-ageing treatments, bath oil, bath salts, shaving cream, eye liner, styling gel, styling lotion, foot treatment, lip liner, hormonal cream, nappy cream, body firming lotion, eye shadow, foundation, after shave, blush, baby lotion, relaxer preparation, varicose vein treatment, nail treatment, anti-itch wash, anti-itch cream, baby sunscreen, body powder, cuticle cream, skin lightener, styling mousse, styling foam, baby soap, dandruff treatment, scalp treatment, acne treatment, antiperspirant, deodorant, concealer, hair loss treatment, depilatory, hair colour, hair bleach, liquid hand soap, makeup remover, after sun product, polish remover, baby oil, bubble bath, baby shampoo, facial mask.


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