Petitgrain (Paraguay) essential oil (Petitgrain bigarde) | Tanah Essential Oil Company
Petitgrain (Paraguay) essential oil (Petitgrain bigarde) | Tanah Essential Oil Company
Petitgrain (Paraguay) essential oil (Petitgrain bigarde)
Petitgrain (Paraguay) essential oil (Petitgrain bigarde)
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Petitgrain (Paraguay) essential oil (Petitgrain bigarde)

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COMMON NAME: Petitgrain

BOTANICAL NAME: Petitgrain bigarde

PLANT PART USED: Leaves and twigs



COLOUR: Clear to extremely very pale yellow

AROMATIC SCENT: Like orange blossoms with a bitter, woody and herbaceous undertone

Discover the captivating essence of Petitgrain essential oil, derived from the exquisite botanical variety of Petitgrain bigarade, meticulously sourced from the lush landscapes of Paraguay.


With its remarkable scent and a rich history steeped in aromatic traditions, this essential oil is a prized gem for aromatherapy enthusiasts and wellness seekers.

History and Plant:

Petitgrain essential oil boasts a storied heritage, tracing its origins to the aromatic riches of Paraguay. Extracted from the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree, Citrus aurantium var. amara, Petitgrain oil has been cherished since ancient times for its therapeutic and aromatic qualities. With its favourable climate and fertile soil, Paraguay nurtures these precious trees, ensuring the production of essential oil that encapsulates the essence of nature's tranquillity.

Aromatic Scent:

The characteristic aromatic bouquet of Petitgrain essential oil is a harmonious fusion of citrusy brightness and earthy undertones. Its top notes exude a refreshing citrus scent reminiscent of oranges and lemons, while deeper, woody notes add a grounding, calming element. This unique fragrance lends Petitgrain oil its versatile appeal, making it an exceptional choice for crafting personalised perfumes and creating a serene atmosphere.

Key Constituents:

Petitgrain essential oil derives its therapeutic potency from a nuanced blend of key constituents, including linalool, linalyl acetate, geraniol, and limonene. These naturally occurring compounds contribute to the oil's soothing and refreshing properties, making it a valuable addition to holistic wellness practices.

Uses and Beneficial Properties:

Renowned for its multifaceted benefits, Petitgrain essential oil finds its application in many ways. Its calming aroma promotes relaxation and alleviates stress, making it the perfect choice for aromatherapy and meditation. Additionally, Petitgrain oil possesses purifying properties that support a clear complexion when incorporated into skincare routines.

Therapeutic Properties:

Petitgrain essential oil boasts an impressive array of therapeutic properties, including:

  • Relaxant: Eases tension and promotes relaxation.
  • Antioxidant: Helps combat oxidative stress and supports overall well-being.
  • Skin Support: Assists in maintaining a clear, healthy complexion.
  • Mood Uplifter: Elevates mood and promotes a sense of tranquillity.

Topical Use:

To harness the benefits of Petitgrain essential oil topically, dilute a few drops with a carrier oil and gently massage onto desired areas. This method is effective for relaxation, skincare, and targeted relief.

Diffusion Use:

Elevate your surroundings by diffusing Petitgrain oil in an essential oil diffuser. As the aromatic molecules disperse, they create a serene ambience that promotes relaxation and mental clarity.


While Petitgrain essential oil is generally considered safe for most individuals, a patch test is recommended before widespread use to ensure compatibility. It's advised to consult a qualified healthcare professional if you are pregnant or nursing or have underlying health concerns.


Incorporate the essence of Paraguay's Petitgrain essential oil into your daily rituals, and embark on a sensory journey that uplifts the spirit and soothes the soul. With its captivating scent, time-honoured history, and versatile applications, Petitgrain essential oil stands as a testament to the power of nature's botanical treasures in promoting holistic well-being.




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